Nyerere Speech: On Liberation & Education

Julius Kambarage Nyerere, (April 13, 1922-October 14, 1999) was Tanzania’s first president. He was a politician of principle and intelligence. Known as ‘Mwalimu’ or teacher he had a vision of education that was rich with possibility. A giant of the liberation movement, Nyerere spoke out loud against injustices across the world. A decade after his death, his words, actions, achievements and shortcomings have acquired a sharper focus and relevance to our world.

Today, I feature his speech on liberation and education at The Declaration of Dar – es – Salaam in 1978.

“Man can only liberate himself or develop himself. He cannot be liberated or developed by another. For Man makes himself. It is his ability to act deliberately, for a self-determined  purpose, which distinguishes him from the other animals. The  expansion of his own consciousness, and therefore of his power over himself, his environment, and his society, must therefore ultimately be what we mean by development. So development is for Man, by Man, and of Man. The same is true of education. Its purpose is the liberation of Man from the restraints and limitations of ignorance and dependency. Education has to increase men’s physical and mental freedom to increase their control over themselves, their own lives, [page 28] the environment in which they live. The ideas imparted by education, or released in the mind through education, should therefore be liberating ideas; the skills acquired by education should be liberating skills. Nothing else can properly be called education.
Teaching which induces a slave mentality or a sense of impotence is not education at all; it is attack on the minds of men. This means that adult education has to be directed at helping men to develop themselves. It has to contribute to an enlargement of Man’s ability in every way. In particular it has to help men to decide for themselves; in co-operation ;what development is. It must help men to think clearly; it must enable them to examine the possible alternative courses of action; to make a choice between those alternatives in keeping with their own purposes; and it must equip them with the ability to translate their decisions into reality.

The personal and physical aspects of development cannot be separated. It is in the process of deciding for himself what is development, and deciding in what direction it should take his society, and in implementing those decisions, that Man develops himself. For man does not develop himself in a vacuum, in isolation from his society and his environment; and he certainly cannot be developed by others. Man’s consciousness is developed in the process of thinking, and deciding and of acting. His capacity is developed in the process of doing things. But doing things means co-operating with others, for in isolation, man is virtually helpless physically, and stultified mentally. Education for liberation is therefore also education for co-operation among men, because it is in co-operation with others that Man liberates himself from the constraints of nature, and also those imposed upon him by his fellow-men. Education is thus intensely personal. In the sense that it has to be a personal experience; no one can have his consciousness developed by proxy.

But it is also an activity of great social significance, because the man whom education liberates is a man in society, and his society will be affected by the change which education creates in him. There is another aspect to this. A Man learns because he wants to do something. And once he has started along this road of developing his capacity he also learns because he wants to be; to be a more conscious and understanding person. Learning has not liberated a man  if all he learns to want is a certificate on his wall, and the reputation of being a learned person; a possessor of knowledge. For such a desire is merely another aspect of the disease of the acquisitive society – the accumulation of goods for the sake of accumulating then. The accumulation of knowledge or, worse still,  the accumulation of pieces of paper which represent a kind of legal tender for such knowledge, has nothing to do with development.

So if adult education is to contribute to development, it must be a  part of life; integrated with life and inseparable from it. It is not something which can be put into a box and taken out for certain periods of the day or week ;or certain periods of a life. And it cannot be imposed: every learner is ultimately a volunteer, because, however much teaching he is given, only he can learn.

Further, adult education is not something which can deal with just   “agriculture”, or “health”, or “literacy”, or “mechanical skill”, etc. All these separate branches of education are related to the total life a man is living, and to the man he is and will become. Learning how best to grow soy-beans is of little use to a man if it is not combined with learning about nutrition and/or the existence of a market for the beans. This means that adult education will promote changes in men, and in society. And it means that adult education should promote change, at the same time as it assists men to control both the change which they induce, and that which is forced upon them by the decisions of other men or the cataclysms of nature. Further, it means that adult education encompasses the whole of life, and must build upon what already exists.”

Nyerere’s view of adult education stretched far beyond the classroom. It was ‘anything which enlarged men’s understanding, activated them, helped them to make their own decisions, and to implement those decisions for  themselves’ (Nyerere 1978: 30). It included ‘agitation’ and ‘organization and mobilization’.

Education for self-reliance

There was a strong concern to counteract the colonialist assumptions and practices of the dominant, formal means of education. Nyerere saw  education as enslaving and oriented to western; interests and norms. Nyerere described  the education system as follows:

“ Formal education is basically elitist in nature, catering to the needs and interests of the very small proportion of those who manage to enter the hierarchical pyramid of formal schooling:We have not until now questioned the basic system of education which we took over at the time of Independence. We have never done that because we have never thought about education except in terms of obtaining teachers, engineers, administrators, etc. Individually and collectively we have in practice thought of education as a training for the skills required to earn high salaries in the modern sector of our economy; (Nyerere, 1968 267).

Nyerere set out his vision in ‘Education for Self Reliance’ (reprinted in 1968). Education had to work for the common good, foster co-operation and promote equality. Further, it had to address the realities of life in Tanzania.  Julius Nyerere made a ringing call for adult education to be directed at helping people to help themselves and for it to be approached as part of life: ‘integrated with life and inseparable from it’.

Source: “The Declaration of Dar – es – Salaam”, Julius Nyerere in 1978.

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Self-Acceptance & Unconditional Love

The current evolution in consciousness on the planet is our personal liberation from the illusions of separation and unworthiness. It is not about getting rid of anything. There is nothing wrong with you, you do not need to be fixed nor do you need to learn anything that is not already within you.

This process is about embodying, allowing, remembering and loving all aspects of your ‘beingness’, all aspects all your bad habits, your false beliefs, your ego, your pain, your dramas etc. Paradoxically you are ALL these things; the master and the wretch; the genius and the fool; you love and are love, and yet, you also create the illusion of hate.

What do you dislike about yourself? Is it your addiction to your ego, your dramas, your blocks, your fears, your guilt, your suffering, your patterns of control or victimhood? We all have aspects of our ‘selves’, that are un-lovable, yet paradoxically ALL is love, so these of course are loved already. The more we try to get rid of them the more they will be in our face –because reality is where our attention is.  What you resist, persists.

We are each a divine being; a master, an eternal soul, so powerful and perfect in all ways; and at the same time a human full of all forms of separation, helplessness and limitation…as long as we are ONLY aware and immersed in a ‘limited’ physical reality.

It seems that as long as we’re immersed in certain illusions of self-imposed limitations, duality remains the greatest teacher for all human experience. This is the grandest of all paradoxes.

We are one and separate, and in truth, from the essence of love, all the same. Our souls were all formed from the same essence of love, yet we are each individual unique expressions of the Universe. Everything in our lives is in the hands of the originator of all creation; ‘The All That Is’.. yet we have the free-will to say no to this belief and to only trust our own ‘beingness’…only to later learn from our choices. Yet, we’re loved all the same.

Unconditional Love is a Grand Paradox...like applying for a loan; you gotta prove that you don’t need the money to qualify for it. It starts with self-acceptance.

It is time to accept ALL aspects of ourselves, unconditionally…and automatically, when we do, we will accept ALL aspects of those around us…unconditionally.

When we aspire to graduate beyond the ‘Duality Lesson’ and embrace ‘Unity Consciousness’, by focusing on the threads that bind us and NOT on what separates us, the lesson is half-way done.

This simple shift to self-acceptance and oneness triggers a new reality which opens us up to our potential, our magnificence; including numerous abilities that have been laying dormant within us. This is already happening to many….

The time is now…

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Ubuntu: Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Message

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How We Define Ourselves

Since the publication of his first book, “The Spirit of Zen” in 1936, Alan Watts has brought the essential teachings of the East to generations of seekers, suggesting the need to “go out of your mind in order to come to your senses.”

Carefully distilled from hundreds of hours of never-before-released material, “Out of Your Mind” presents a philosophical tour de force from this legendary self-described “spiritual entertainer” – insights into the nature of reality; death and rebirth; the dilemma of polarity; the suspension of judgment; the art of contemplation; and much more.

At a time when the West was just starting to take notice of Eastern spiritual thought, Alan Watts was in the vanguard. A former Anglican priest who dove into an intense study of Buddhism, he explained mystical ideas in terms that an English or American ear could understand. He combined a profound scholarly knowledge of both traditions with an irreverent sense of humor that was more than just leavening—it was an essential piece of his world view.

To take an example that comes from the very beginning of the ‘Out of Your Mind’ collection, Watts discusses the two Western views of the cosmos. In the “ceramic myth,” the universe is created by God as a potter creates the bowl. As created beings, we are fragile and infinitely dependent on our creator. By contrast, the “fully automatic myth” views the universe as a clockwork machine, running by its own laws independently toward the inevitable conclusion.

Both, Watts insists, are myths: meant to serve a certain purpose, and reflective of the people who created them. He proposes an alternative, the “dramatic myth,” in which we are all players acting on the illusory stage of life, making up the rules as we go.

You see how many levels this operates on? On the one hand, we can say that the “ceramic” myth represents the traditional Judeo-Christian world view, and the “fully automatic” myth represents the scientific materialism that has displaced it among Western intellectuals.

In the West, we tend to feel that we have to choose between the two. But the “dramatic” myth, essentially Watts’s framing of the Hindu or Buddhist cosmology, suggests that there are infinitely many more choices, and that “Christian vs. scientific” is a very narrow, false dichotomy.

But Watts is not insisting at all that the dramatic myth is true. His real point is that any myth falls short as an objective description of reality, but works to express the needs of the people who create it. We all look at the myths of ancient people in exactly that way. If we can view our own myths in that same light, we can come to take them less seriously, on a certain level. We can learn from them and we can laugh at them at the same time.

Of course this way of thinking is familiar to anyone who has read much of Watts. But listening to him speak is a very different experience. For one thing—and this is a bit embarrassing to admit—I was surprised by his accent. His British vowels sound almost stuffy at first, in a C.S. Lewis kind of way (if you’ve ever heard C.S. Lewis). He plays with it, mimicking different British accents as well as Chinese and Irish for comic effect, and he does them all incredibly well. He seems perfectly at home telling a joke, and he laughs at his own humor if the audience laughs first.

But beyond that, I was impressed by his seriousness. I don’t mean “serious” as in “grim,” but as in “dedicated.” Watts read everything about Buddhism, so he can explain why Buddhists value reading so much less than Christians do. He discusses ancient Vedic texts, making frequent reference to the original Sanskrit or Pali when appropriate—but strangely, I never get the feeling he is just showing off. He is trying to educate his audience, to entertain them, to inform them, and most importantly, to share with them the highest and most beautiful wisdom.

This text above refers to all audio of many cassettes and collections of Alan Watts’ lectures.  This one below  is only 7 minutes long and is on the topic of “How We Define Ourselves”. Enjoy!

Video By: Myna. Music: James Horner – Freedom/The execution Bannockburn – Album: Braveheart

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Reality Mathematics

Reality CheckReality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or may be thought to be. In its widest definition, reality includes everything that is and has been, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible.

Quite simply, reality is where our attention and focus remains for a specific amount of time. In essence, there is only one reality, but an infinite amount of ways to interpret it and experience it. Each person has an individual perception of reality therefore each individual perception is actually an entire Universe in and of itself. There is a grand  paradox that says: We are all individual expressions of ‘All that Is’ – yet we are all ONE.

Multidimensional awareness resides in the center of this paradox; maintaining an  awareness of infinite possibilities; allowing all realities and all perceptions of reality.

Dream Pearl- Art By Jean Luc Bozzoli

A dimension refers to one’s location in space/time. Webster’s dictionary defines a dimension as “Magnitude measured in a particular direction, specifically length, breadth, thickness or time.”

Density denotes a vibrational frequency and not a location, which the term “dimension” implies. The density structure of our reality is primarily expressed in seven levels, though each level has sub-levels (overtone) within it. The density scale is a model used to communicate one’s perception of orientation in relation to other realities.

There are an infinite number of dimensions existing within a given density or vibrational frequency. Vibrational frequency is the rate at which body molecules or consciousness vibrate. The understanding that everything in the Universe is energy and that all energy is at different levels of vibration and frequency, indicates that all planets and their inhabitants vibrate at different levels.


A dimension encompasses entire realities that overlap each other. Lower dimensions are contained within higher ones. For instance, the 3rd dimension in which the planet Earth resides, contains the lower two dimensions as well.

Each dimension has seven planes of existence or reality and 12 overtones of each plane. According to many sources (some cited below this post), the Earth is currently transitioning to the 10th, 11th & 12th overtones of the 4th dimension before eventually embodying the 5th dimension.

  • 1st Dimension – Existence through a point in time and space.

Awareness as a point, in physical matter. This level is the most basic. It provides the matter and energy for the creation of atoms and molecules. The basic life forms of mineral and water, for example, are all operating from this level. Humans possess this frequency within themselves as well. It makes up the basic genetic codes.

  • 2nd Dimension – Magnitude (distance or path) in time and space.

Awareness as a line, biological matter, development of species identity. The consciousness expressed by 2nd dimensional vibration does not possess self-awareness (or ego). Most species within the plant and animal kingdoms exist here, however their placement in density depends upon many additional factors, including the presence or absence of ego.

  • 3rd Dimension – Depth and existence in the physical Universe through choices of paths in time and space.

3D experience

3D Experience

Volumetric awareness, ego, loss of group identity, development of individual identity, ability to remember past and cognize the future while retaining present awareness. This is the density where human beings emerge. It is a vibration that creates the illusion of separation and thus a challenge toward awakening to other realities.

This is the frequency that expresses the most separation from the Whole. It is from here that many lessons about integration are learned. This is the most intense of all levels in its cultivation of growth with the Self.

Art By Jean Luc Bozzoli

PS: Presently humanity is going thru a transition period from the 3D into 4D reality, which can account for the many rapid changes the human race is undergoing. Cetaceans (dolphins and whales) presently exist simultaneously in 3D and 4D and are transiting out of 3D along with humanity. It is no wonder then, that Dolphins and Whales are usually found to have high intelligence (as high or higher than humans) due to their high vibratory frequencies .

  • 4th Dimension – Time (movement) through time and space in a higher mode of physical existence.
  • 4D experience

    Containment of volumetric awareness, reintegration of group identity without loss of ego identity; as vibration increases, perception of past, present, and future become more fluid along with the ability to interface with multidimensional realities. Negatively oriented consciousness becomes more difficult to maintain.

Presently on Earth, 4D reality is overlapping 3rd. In humanity’s case, this can account for the increased desire for unity, peace and unconditional love as opposed to the illusion of separation that characterizes 3D. The vibratory rate of one’s reality is stepped up, and therefore one may be faced with personal issues in a much more rapid and intense way.

  • 5th Dimension – Through Love, bridges the worlds of Matter and the worlds of Spirit (Release from duality into love and unity consciousness).

5D experience

This reality is the experiential awareness of “I” as a group identity, not bound by linear time. In this reality, sentient consciousness begins to awaken to its true heritage. It is the dimension of wisdom. DNA in this dimension is both Carbon-based as in 1D to 4D..but also Silica-based giving the human molecular structure a semi-etheric essence called a ‘light-body’. As one awakens the wisdom within, they very often want to share it with those who are still focused in the lower densities. Many people living in this reality choose to become guides for others.

5D Experience

A 5th dimensional being merges with its family of consciousness (“higher self”, ‘spirit guide’ or “oversoul”) and begins to remember. This is the first dimension in which a nonphysical orientation and experiences are experienced.

  • 6th Dimension-Full Awareness as the ‘dimension’ itself.

Art by Jean Luc Bozzoli

The 6D awareness or consciousness has often been called the “Christ Consciousness” in that it displays a frequency level equal to that of the Christ or Buddha or other Spiritual Avatars. It is entirely based on ‘crystal’ or ‘Silica’ DNA as opposed to the first 5 dimensions based on Carbon DNA. From this frequency a total remembrance occurs, and one begins taking responsibility for the Whole rather than Self. The process of progressing the Self and progressing the Whole becomes one and the same.

  • 7th Dimension-Awareness as the multidimensional experience, group-matrix identity, (social memory complex).

This is the frequency of total oneness or integration and vibrations at this frequency are merged in identity and become a mass-conscious whole. They magnetize those in other frequencies and provide the current for the natural flow toward integration. Once in the seventh dimension, beings reach critical mass, they progress through a prism (a black hole exit point) and reach the next octave where another adventure awaits.

Note: there is no clear-cut distinction when transiting from 6D to 7D or even higher because these dimensions are not physically oriented, there is much blending in these transitions.

How are all these explanations relevant  and how do they affect our reality on a day-to-day basis?

Planet Earth is a 3rd dimensional planet with 4th and 5th dimension activity in progression. Currently all living things, animate and inanimate beings on Earth are estimated to be 60% in the 3rd dimensional plane, 35% in the 4th dimension and 5% in the fifth dimension.

The planet is expected to be in the 5th dimension before or after 2012. For individuals to shift and align themselves with the planetary progression, they can individually focus on raising their own individual vibration / frequency level.

As vibration levels are raised, the shift in frequency uplifts the person to the higher planes. Individuals can speed this process by releasing all blockages in the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of themselves. To fully evolve into the 5th dimension and state of mind, one is advised to open up to Unconditional Love, expand ones inner light quotient, be fully forgiving under all circumstances and not generate negative (harmful) thought patterns.

A person’s vibration / frequency level is indicative of their inner light capacity. The lower your vibration / frequency the less light capacity you can hold in your system. The higher vibration levels allow you to expand your inner circuitry to receive the higher capacity electrons, which expand your inner light quotient.

A simple example of people’s characteristics in the different dimensional levels would be watching their reaction from, say a traffic accident where a car runs into your brand new car while you are stopped at a red light.

Road Rage

A 3D person would react with abuse, blame, anger and negativity towards the person that hit his/her new car. A 4D person would connect the situation as karma related and accept the situation. A 5D person would accept what is with no connection or issue to the incident and would still send blessings and love to the person causing the incident.

As the planet and its inhabitants transition to higher dimensions, all parallel and alternate realities are converging. For those who choose to move to the higher dimensions, the direct experience of life’s paradox becomes more apparent.

The veils between the dimensions get thinner and perception becomes more sensitive. It grows more and more difficult to make decisions with complete awareness of both ends of the paradox, including all realities in between.

Previously in full 3D, we mostly made linear decisions based on good, bad, better, worse. Now as we progress through the 4D, the dimension of flow, there is less of an experience of the ends of the paradox, but more of an experience of the middle – the multidimensional realities of the middle. This reality has previously been thought of as being a binary, dualistic reality, when in fact it is a trinary reality. There is not hot and cold without there being warm.

The 4D allows more of a direct experience of having your cake and eating it too – based on the flow and the instantaneous manifestation inherent in its reality. In the 4D, manifestation is instant; if you want something it will instantly be in your face. My reference for this is usually the movie, “What Dreams May Come”, featuring Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding, Jr. Of course in the 3D this aspect of manifestation was and is much slower due to the density of the 3D and our tendency to live based on absolutes at the ends of each duality, forgetting the middle. In other words excluding other realities, maintaining the illusion at all costs that this is our reality. It simply is for that dimension but it isn’t for 4D and other higher dimensions.

As 4D allows a wider degree of realities, this can obviously be observed where Earth is now in regards to people’s tolerance for each others’ different perspectives as well as beliefs. Allowance and tolerance is an integral part of high overtonal 4D, while exclusiveness was an integral part of 3D.

In the old 3D world, knowing and being certain is seen an admirable quality. You are strong, decisive and smart etc. You were able to make s cognitive decisions; knowing what you want in life, and knowing how to get it by being aggressive. If, on the other hand you are currently awakening (to other realities) and aware of the planets changes, you will have noticed that this type of decision-making is now more difficult.

You find that you just can’t decide whether to stay in that relationship or get out; whether to get corn flakes or rice bubbles. In fact you realize that you want both equally – you really want your cake…and you now allow for the possibility of this to be a reality.

You might also realize that your problems can’t be solved in a linear fashion just by making a decision. Most decisions in 3D world are based merely on survival“will this help me to survive, will this make me happy etc.” A simple decision as to which cereal to get is solely based on lack and survival, if you were not concerned with survival or lack of money in your bank account, you would just get every single cereal that you choose to get.

Survival will not be of any importance in the high overtones of the 4D. It will although, still be an integral part of the lower 4D, and survival “problems” will manifest faster and faster, and eventually instantly. In 5D, survival does not exist and cannot exist, survival is finally no longer an issue, but in 4D there is at least an option. In the 3D, absolutes are an integral part while in 4D absolutes are totally mutable.


This current multi-dimensional awareness is our personal enlightenment & liberation from the illusions of separation and unworthiness. It is not about getting rid of anything. There is nothing wrong with you, you do not need to be fixed nor do you need to learn anything that is not already within you. This process is about embodying, allowing and loving all aspects of your ‘beingness’, all aspects, all your bad habits, your addictions, your ego, your pain, your dramas etc. Because paradoxically you are ALL these things; the master and the wretch; the genius and the fool; you love and are love, and yet, you also create the illusion of hate.

What do you dislike about yourself? Is it your addiction to your ego; dramas; your intellect; lack; to avoiding being bored; your suffering; your patterns of control? We all have aspects of our ‘selves’, that are un-lovable, yet paradoxically all is love, so these of course are loved already. The more we try to get rid of them the more they will be in our face – because reality is where our attention is.

We are each a divine being; a master; an eternal soul; perfect in all ways; and at the same time a human full of all forms of separation: fear and ego; anger and vindictiveness. We are one and separate, and in truth, from the essence of love, all the same. We were all formed from the same essence of love, yet we are each individual unique expressions of the Universe. Everything in our lives is in the hands of  the Creator; ‘The All That Is’.. yet we have the free will to say no to this belief, and trust only our own ‘beingness’ only to later learn from our choices. It seems that as long as we’re immersed in certain realities (1D-4D), duality remains the greatest teacher for all human experience. This is the grandest of all paradoxes.

5D-Unity Consciousness

3D/4D-Duality Consciousness

References & Sources: “Self-Transform”, Ishnah, “Prism of Lyra”, Lyssa Royal, “Ascension & The Dimensional Paradoxes of Reality”, ZaKaiRan, “What Dreams May Come”-The Movie, starring Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding, Jr., Art by Jean Luc Bozzoli

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The Doctor Of The future Will Be Oneself…

For all its brilliant achievements, modern, conventional medicine is still pathology-oriented. Doctors are trained to see the disease and not necessarily, the person. They are taught that pain means sickness. They are trained to use drugs, surgery, exhaustive tests and laboratory technologies. Clearly modern medicine has saved lives and made wonderful strides. The ability to isolate microbes without killing the patient was a major milestone. However, with the vast medical arsenal available to them today, doctors can only cure about one-fourth of the illnesses presented to them.  In Abraham Maslow’s words, ”If all you’re trained to use is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.”

Alternative medicine on the other hand, has its own amazing amount of research and tests on all aspects of natural healing, especially with herbs. It supports the notion that health is a lifestyle process, based on wellness care and not just illness treatments.

Alternative medicine’s basis is that the human body is a beautifully designed, self-healing system that can meet many of its problems without much intervention. Inflammation of any kind is usually seen as a sign that the body is mounting an immune response to heal itself. Instead of trying to eliminate symptoms, lifestyle therapy treatments work to enhance natural defenses and healing vitality. Healing can be enhanced if patient is essentially seen as an individual who can be kept free of emotional depression and panic.

Emotional trauma impairs immune function by decreasing the body’s interleukins; vital immune defense substances. Panic constructs blood vessels, adding burden to our mental state and the ability of the immune system to do its job. Your mental, emotional and even spiritual life is inseparable from your physical health. Lifestyle health is more subtle than drugs or surgery. A sensible lifestyle, with fresh, healthy, wholesome foods, moderate exercise and restful sleep is still the best medicine for almost all conditions.

Your diet is the most powerful weapon you have for your health. It is the prevention approach which can guarantee and support health. Food nutrients in the form of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, bioflavonoids, antioxidants and others. They maintain, normalize, balance and rejuvenate the body systems that may have gone out of whack; including the nervous and endocrine systems that govern your emotions and mental processes. There is no question that health and wellness has a profound spiritual component that is personal to each one of us.

In response to modern medical limitations, many people are now adopting holistic treatments. Quite a number of medical professionals are trying alternative medicine for their own self-care. An increasing number of doctors are including and adopting some practices of natural medicine in order to offer their patients the best of both worlds. We do need both types to counter our fast paced, high stress lifestyle. Both types of medicine are no substitute for sound, nutritious diet, regular exercise and the remarkable ability of whole herbs to boost the body’s own natural healing response.

There is no prescription more valuable than knowledge. We need to be re-educated about our health, to take more responsibility for our being and to be less intimidated by disease and the medical industry.

This does not mean throw away your doctor’s phone number. It means we become aware of the many choices for all sorts of healing. For everyday, non-emergency healing, many people don’t know that they need not go any further than their own spice rack or garden. We can of course, educate ourselves on how these herbs interact with each other and what side effects, there are, if any. We can also expect the healing effects of natural remedies to be a little slower but more permanent; a normal thing as the body takes its time to do it right.

Amongst numerous other natural healing methods, herbal healing exemplifies universal truth at its highest level. It is both a science and an art with qualities we would all like to represent and the ones we value the most in our lives. Herbs are intricate plants filled with long memory. They have intelligently adapted to the earth’s changes as we have and they have always interacted with humans. You will be surprised to learn that till today, Chinese Pharmacies carry no drugs. Their customers believe in healing herbs and few animal extracts that have been used for over 3000 years without fail. Herbs work better together than they do by themselves. There are certain known combination for different ailments and conditions. Like all great realities of nature, there is so much more than we shall ever know.

The winds of change are blowing once more in this new millennium. There is clearly a rebirth of interest in the ways of nature and holistic healing. Both modern medical technology and the holistic approach can come together for the good of mankind.

Although Western Herbal knowledge may have taken a detour through lab technology and over-reliance on pharmaceutical drugs, useful knowledge has resurfaced that otherwise might not have been found. If we can put aside greed and politics that have surrounded health-care, the best of both worlds may surface.

Notable healer, Albert Schweitzer once said, “the doctor of the future will be oneself.“

If we are to become our future doctors, where is our medicine? It is all around us. Our food is our pharmacy, herbs are our medicine, the oceans are our healers and even our very own breathing can bring us real health. It is time to return to Mother Nature. Nature provides wholesome, ready-to-use remedies.

If we can clean up our environment and make more responsible and humane choices towards our unlimited resources, allow natural plants and animals to change naturally with time to adapt to a changing environment as they usually do, without interference (genetic engineering)…we can overcome many of the problems facing our species. Today, we are breaking nature’s laws almost without thought to the consequences simply because we can do it or because of our limited understanding. “The idea that we live in something called ‘the environment’ is utterly preposterous. The world that environs us, that is all around us, is also within us. We are made of it, we eat, drink and breathe it. It is bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh”Wendell Berry

Sources: Healthy Healing, A Guide To Self-Healing for Everyone, Linda Page, Ph.D.,

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Cosmic Evolution: Reality Check Ahead?

The Internet and technological advancement is causing many people all over the world to search for knowledge, enlightenment, hope for the future of their children; in a world of seemingly growing degradation, polarized political and religious atmosphere, rumors of war and economic instability.

Meanwhile, the prophets of doom preach of physical horror and annihilation. It’s all like a great vortex, a sucking spiral, ever downward, darkness of despair. In my attempt to observe objectively and to avoid getting sucked into this vortex of despair (amidst all the end-times dramatization TV shows, movies and lectures), I have found much understanding by connecting dots and many reasons to think otherwise.

You see, everything ‘out there’ that we can observe, is a holographic projection. Consciousness, the driving force of all life experience, simply projects. We see the hologram because of what is held within our DNA.

The purpose of incarnation as a human being is to evolve from a state of ‘unknowingness’ to all ‘knowingness’ over a period of eons in cyclical time. As Ian Lungold always said in his lectures on the Mayan Calendar, “We are on a schedule, folks!”

12 Strands of DNA : Our Spiritual Heritage set to be activated at specific times

Human ‘junk DNA’ as described by scientists is “no junk at all!” Instead, it is a part of our higher developed heritage that will one day lead each individual back to the wholeness of one’s identity. Human identity comes into being as a projection of consciousness arising from “God Consciousness” and other-worldly origins.

For many decades there have been noticeable changes on this planet, due to the rising consciousness of earth’s inhabitants-humanity as well as flora and fauna (plants and animal life).

All living things have been changing (mutating) to higher forms and understanding over thousands and thousands of years. This is the apparent capability (to understand and ‘know’) of many people on earth at this time, should they choose it. This state of ‘knowingness’ is one that involves many aspects of energetic resonance and vibration alteration that is  in sync with the changing Galactic and Universal passage through the Photon Belt. This can be said of the planet as well, as each and every living thing is intrinsically connected to the whole.

Once in the Photon Belt, it is said that we will have access to multiple dimensions of consciousness.

The Photon Belt is reportedly a band of intense photon (light) energy. The band was first discovered in outer space in 1961 by means of satellite born instruments by scientists (Paul Otto Hesse) near the vicinity of the Pleiades Star System. It is said that the year 1962 was the year that we came within the influence of the Photon Belt.

The Photon Belt is a huge torroid shaped object composed of photon light particles. Our solar system and the Photon Belt are moving toward each other and should have merged by the late 1990s. The thickness is approximately 2,000 solar years or 759,864 billion miles. Earth is now completing a 26,566-year-cycle with this Photon Belt. Unfortunately, these scientific findings are never publicly discussed until recently on the Internet; in many Quantum Physics’ forums and hard-to-find lectures.

There are alternative descriptions of the Photon Belt in religious books such as the Bible, Quran (and Hadiths), Egyptian, Mayan, Hopi Indian, Aboriginal mythology as well as the Vedas.

In the Bible (Revelations), for example, as well as books on mythology, books by modern-day physicists and books by Nostradamus, it is said that when the earth first enters into the PHOTON BELT, ‘the sky will appear to be on fire, but be assured, this is cold light, so there will be no heat.’

In the Quran, the sure signs and descriptions of Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection) is described in 75.6-10:
He questions: “When is the Day of Resurrection?” At length, when the sight is dazed and the moon is buried in darkness, and the sun and moon are joined together. That day man will say; “Where is the refuge?”

In many sources, religious, scientific and mythological, it is said that if the sun enters first, there will be immediate darkness, which, computed by our speed through space, will last 72-110 hours.

The interaction between the Solar Radiation and the Photon Belt will make the sky look as if it is full of falling stars. Things are predicted to change dramatically. There are reports of five days of darkness (although this could be metaphorical; mankind in his darkest hour), no more electricity, mass UFO landings (prior to the action, what we call ‘extraterrestrial beings will be making mass landings on earth to assist through the experience of the photon belt), advanced perception (psychic abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy) for all humans, transformation of our human bodies into higher dimensions and much more.


The energy of the Photon Belt is said to alter all magnetic workings of all natural and man-made things such as the operation of all electrical devices. Once all pumps quit and water tanks are empty, water will not run and toilets will not flush. Lights cannot be turned on. Cars will not start. When the collapse of the planet’s electrical and magnetic fields occurs, it will also allow all atoms on earth to be changed. The atmosphere will be compressed and everyone will feel bloated. This aspect is also beginning to happen now as noted by the increase in seismic activities that stretch from the 1960s to the present time. This can also be seen by the dramatic change in our planetary weather patterns.

After the earth enters this radiation belt, all molecules become excited, things will become luminescent, THERE WILL BE CONSTANT LIGHT. There can be no darkness, not within the deepest cave, not within the human body.

A quick look at the Christian Bible (Revelations): “All the stars will fall from the sky and the sky will be no more….” It is expected that the rotation of the earth may diminish a little. Because of the reduced Solar Radiation, the temperature is expected to become cooler and the ice caps are expected to extend to about latitude 40 in both hemispheres. Our history books tell us that at least five ICE AGES have been recorded, and they seem to have lasted about 2,000 years.

If the ice caps form within the light years, then the increased solar radiation when leaving the belt must surely melt the ice…floods. If it does not rain within this period of light, it is understandable why Noah was so awed by the sight of that first rainbow. The Epic of Gilgamesh also talks of a great flood, but this was apparently about 10,000 years before Noah’s flood. So really, this is a normal cycle of coming into and out of the Photon Belt over thousands of years; it has happened before we were born and will continue even after we’re gone.

Quantum leap

So you may ask, what will actually happen to us? Well, there are many speculations to this. One that I resonate with and find interesting, explains an instant transformation of the human molecular structure going from 3D to 5D. As our DNA mutates from Carbon-base to Silica-based, the atoms in our bodies will be modified to form a new body– a body that is semi-etheric–and the veil of consciousness around us will be removed. We shall get to see all that’s hidden and all those playing behind the scenes and how their actions have affected us. (Remember when Dorothy and friends, in the Wizard of Oz, who were totally fearful of the Wizard, find the Wizard hiding and speaking/acting behind a curtain in a studio booth?-the coming down of the veil)…something like that 🙂

There are three types of people/humanoids in our cosmos: Corporeal, like us, solid human; next, Atmospherean, also solid to a point, but the molecular structure is quite different; and Ethereans, who have no mass at all.

It is said, via numerous sources which I will include at the bottom of this post, that when we enter the Photon Belt, a normal healthy person is expected to feel a jolt similar to putting your finger in a live light socket, and the transformation will be complete — you will have just changed from a Corporeal person to an Atmospherean person (“and ye shall be changed to immortality without the separation of death in the twinkling of an eye”).


In Aboriginal mythology it is said, “Men were different to what they are now; we had a bridge to the stars.” In all their stories, if they fell out with the Chief or Elder, they fled to the sky. So did the Greeks.

This Photon Belt effect is very important because it may also allow us to have a new energy source. This new energy source will permit the end of our planet’s fossil fuel dependency. It will also allow the capability for space travel since photon drive technology is the power system for all advanced stellar civilizations. It appears that space travel is simple within the Photon Belt. (Didn’t we start exploring space and go to the moon in 1964?)


So, do you now see why I don’t focus on all the doom and gloom of some of the reports out there? This process it seems, is on-going; necessary to bringing awareness, balance and revitalization to everything and everyone. Yes, the planet is going through some mighty upheavals and changes at the moment. It shall pass. All will understand. If you do not believe any of this, it is totally okay. Most people need conflicting points of view within their consciousness to stimulate them in order to learn and grow at their pace. I have no doubt that this transformation is happening to me and many other people who are experiencing similar changes in their consciousness. For example, I have increasingly changed in multiple ways more in the past two years than I did just 5 years ago.

For those who are still wary, begin observing all animal and insect behavior around you. They know what’s up. They too, are changing..mutating. We will find it completely normal as we approach the climax. There is no need to fear if you’re in alignment with your truth and have overall balance. There’s lots to learn, do and look forward to.

Sources: ‘The Photon Belt Encounter’, Noel Huntley, Ph.D, AOL Photon Belt bulletin board, Sedona Journal of Emergence, ‘Age of Light’, Barbara Hand Clow, ‘Cosmic Awareness’, Paul Shockley,

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Healing Victimhood and Martyrdom

It is difficult for a person who is choosing to be a victim/martyr to simply “be bigger.” To do this would bring up cellular memories of childhood experiences with overbearing adults, siblings, friends or caretakers. What is most helpful is to allow oneself to become vulnerable.

What is true vulnerability?

True vulnerability — is the ability to be complete and present within your personal space. It has nothing to do with allowing another person unrestricted access to your personal space. Vulnerability is about bringing yourself forward as you are.

Being complete within your personal space requires a healthy self-esteem and body presence, because this is the gateway from which you fill your personal space. People choosing victim-hood will frequently have some damage to their emotional body because that’s the level people come and meet them at when they retreat.

It is difficult for the victim/martyr to simply become ‘bigger’. It is more frightening for the victim/martyr to be bigger than it is for others. Vulnerability is sometimes overwhelmingly frightening.

Typically, people who heal this pattern receive, as an impetus, some sort of emotional shock. This shock can be in various forms. We can think of a few major examples: an epiphany, a near death experience, an “enlightenment experience,” experiences of extreme spiritual essence (contact), and anything else where they  truly feel the safety and the oneness of the universe or with one’s spiritual self.

I personally had a very profound experience that snapped me out of my old reality and mode of victim-hood in late 2007/early 2008. I will write about it in details in another post.

My epiphany moment

Even though, this may sound like it only works for a few people this is quite the contrary.  Yes, these experiences aren’t typical and seemingly only happen for a small number of people. However, the grace and opportunity to reverse victim-hood is always available. The victim/martyr is not always retreating; it’s a constant ebb and flow. Because it’s a constant ebb and flow, the victim/martyr is often big with energy at some points and therefore very open to essence contact and opportunity to heal this pattern.

What helps a person in victim-hood/martyrdom is awareness of energy flows. This awareness can be built in many different ways. Engaging in activities that move energy through the body and feeling the emotions that arise when this is done is immensely helpful.  Any awareness that you can make a choice other than getting smaller is helpful.

The easiest and the most common way to heal from the pattern of martyrdom — aside from an emotional shock or enlightenment experience — would be the death of the person that was responsible, the “overwhelming energy” person of childhood.

Many people, as their parents become elderly or die, undergo big changes. There’s no accident to this. They no longer feel held by that big, authority cloud. They are no longer reacting or responding to it. It doesn’t necessarily take the death of a parent but, as that parent ages and the dynamic naturally changes, it is natural for people as they are approaching their 40s and 50s (in what is commonly called the “mid-life crisis” to transition through life and become more confident and aware of all the gifts they have within.

Victim-hood and Martyrdom, in 60% of cases, tends to have less effect later in life as a natural result of becoming more self-aware. Often the death or major changes in the person responsible for its initial impetus will accompany this change.

Another healing situation for the victim/martyr comes from putting oneself in situations where it is necessary to be vulnerable in some way: acting, performing, speaking to groups, and teaching, even teaching one-on-one. In each of these activities, there is no “right” way to do them, and so there is an automatic letting go of desire to be right. All of these activities help to bring the true ‘self ‘out and are helpful in healing victim-hood/martyrdom, especially if one can be aware of the energy dynamics that exist. In other words, be aware enough to feel the trigger to get smaller and simply choose otherwise. But again, becoming truly vulnerable and moving into  ‘empowerment’ and high self-esteem can be more difficult for the victim than for people who are not operating under victim consciousness.

If you’re here, and still reading, then you may realize that there is something to learn about this very common dysfunctional condition. Here are  a few questions to ponder that may help one to identify the pattern in oneself or in others. Please carefully consider each question and answer each with completely honesty:

1.  Do you often have relationships that end ugly?  (Mean things are said, you or your partner says or does hurtful actions?)

2.  Do you have a long history of being hurt or hurting others in relationships?

3.  Do you have a childhood that involves more than one of the following:

a. Yelling at parents, parents yelling at you.

b. Sexual abuse and/or sexual promiscuity.

c. Struggle – feeling people invalidate your opinion.

d. Rejection, abandonment, or other significant loss.

e. Life-threatening event – drowning, suffocating, burning, etc.

4. Do you often have intense feelings of anger, or even rage?

5. Do you blame yourself or blame others for things gone wrong?

If you have answered YES to more than one of these questions, you may have what is known as a “victim consciousness” in your mentality of life. In essence, it is highly likely that you see life from a position of being a victim, and as a result you are self-sabotaging your relationships.

(Note:  If you did not answer YES to more than one of these questions, this article isn’t written with you in mind, UNLESS you know, are dating or married to someone who answers YES to more than one of these questions.  In that case, you’re probably struggling to find trust, respect, and lasting love in your relationship with this person.  If this is you, this article may help as a place to start in getting help for your relationship.

Know that you are not alone, many have won over, and you have help.  You can and will succeed in changing your consciousness to a state of victory.

What victim consciousness does to our relationships:

People with a victim consciousness in relationship are often found saying the following types of comments:

“Nothing I do is good enough for you.”

“Why do you expect so much from me.”

“You’re not good enough.  You’re good for nothing.  All you want is…”

“Why are you attacking me?”

“You are so critical.  Why do you blame me for everything.”

“If this happened, I’d only have myself to blame.”

“You invalidate me.  Why won’t you listen to me?”

… and so on.  Does this sound like stuff you’ve said?  If so, you probably recognize yourself more than you want to.  But the reality is, you are becoming aware.

Childhood memories may pop up

You might become angry as you become aware.  This is a normal process/reaction of victim consciousness.  When the truth is exposed, ‘victims’/martyrs become angry.  Recognize that this anger is a way of projecting the victim consciousness to the other party and thus creating a perpetrator.

How that manifests into ugliness:

The cycle a victim unconsciously repeats, again and again, goes something like this:

1. Victim consciousness person has concluded they aren’t lovable or is hurt and feeling pain.  As a result, they endeavor to be alone.

2. Victim consciousness person meets attractive person, who expresses interest in them.  The attractive new potential mate/relationship will serve as a savior.  They are the knight in shining armor.

3. Victim acts like a friend, drawing mate in, but says they “aren’t ready for a relationship,” which creates a challenge to the knight in shining armor.  Knight may be male or female, keep in mind – this is not gender specific.

4. After knight becomes emotionally intimate with victim, victim experiences overload.  They do not believe they deserve love, because they’re programmed to think that way.  They do not believe they will be “validated” because that is not their experience with past relationships/family.  They believe they are not safe.  As a result, they will “act up” and push the knight away.  The knight will question the victim behavior, as any normally reasonable person would.  The victim will not respond to this reason.  Instead, they become ANGRY.  This anger will quickly escalate until the knight has been created into a perpetrator.  Now the victim is “justified” in their attitude that they are not good enough, the knight just wants to hurt them, etc., and the cycle is firmly implanted in the relationship.

The victim repeats the cycle.  Knight unknowing transitions in and out of savior and perpetrator, unable to make sense of the situation.  They will now be in a mode to try to “fix” the relationship, and the relationship is therefore doomed to fail because there is no way to fix or break out of the cycle.  The victim will hold onto their protective shell at all costs – it is the only thing that makes them feel safe – and the savior will try to fix at all costs – it is the only thing that will bring healing to the relationship.  As a result, the relationship is doomed, just like all the others.

Who created this mess?  Well, in reality, both people create it.  The knight allows her/himself to be morphed into a perpetrator.  Most healthy people will not do this.  When one person acts up, they call the other on that.  If the other does not respond correctly, a healthy person will break off the relationship and move on.  That’s food for another discussion, and I will keep that separate. The important thing to realize is that the victim is the first to act up, and therefore the instigator in what is breaking down and sabotaged in the relationship.  It is the victim’s inability to foster emotional intimacy (because they fear that they are not safe) that causes them to act up.  This is their undoing in 90%+ of their relationships.

This may manifest in further verbal abuse, physical abuse, and other bad or ugly things in which the victim may “appear” innocent (they didn’t start punching, throwing, hitting) but due to their pulling away, foul mouth, or other sarcastic comments they may have in fact CREATED their own situation where the other party attacks them out of sheer madness over the challenge of getting along with them.  Unconsciously, the victim knows this, but they’ll do it anyway because then they get to play “victim” and hold onto their protective shell.

You are not a victim.  And, you do not need to be victimized, helpless, or out of control to get attention or the love you desire. You deserve to be great, glorious, and beautiful.  The love you seek cannot be obtained by playing the role of victim.  In fact, the only way to find the love you seek is to replace victim mentality with victory mentality.

Do we have a choice?

YES. Even though the victim consciousness becomes firmly embedded in your deep value system and consciousness, you must realize that you are choosing this path as your value system.

No single raindrop believes it is responsible for the flood.

You are choosing victim consciousness because it makes you feel safe. The way to change this pattern is to replace that feeling of safety with one that actually causes you pain. As soon as you realize that victim consciousness behavior is what causes you to sabotage relationships, work, family, or whatever else it impacts, you can create awareness.  From awareness you can change modalities of consciousness to deeper root issues, acceptance, acknowledgment, and replacement with new positive behavior pattern.

In choosing to make a change, commit to the idea wholeheartedly.  Set your intentions FIRMLY, even to the point of making a contract with yourself/or even God.  You deserve the best. Do not settle for less. And, yes, the change starts with YOU.

It is expected that most people who have been in victim consciousness for a long amount of time will more than likely have developed a support network (job, friends, family, advisors) who are for the most part also living in victim consciousness. As a result, the majority of these relationships will have to be significantly altered or replaced by people without victim consciousness.  I suggest trying to work on things with family; yet, they are also the hardest to change.

Note: sometimes, the victim will resort to medication to “treat” their pain. If you also are a moderate to heavy drinker (alcohol) and smoker, then I certainly advise you to evaluate, in detail, the substances/ medications you’re putting into your body. Are you SURE you need to take these things? Also, many times, people start taking medications due to an injury, but continue after the injury is gone. As with any advise of this nature, I cannot condone you to stopping medication or changing your prescriptions without a doctor’s overview, by law.

If you’ve woken up and realized, either through this article or elsewhere, that you’re living in a way you don’t want to, through playing the victim, there is no better time than right now to put a stake in the ground and set your intention to make a positive change, once and for all.

Here are some guidelines to help empower you to lose the victim mentality and break free of the Victim Consciousness cycle, thus becoming victorious in love and life:

1.  Become aware of what you are doing.  If you answered yes or saw yourself in those comments (above) then you know what to look for, in terms of signs that you are creating a victim consciousness in any given situation.  If you are blaming a boss, yelling or in trouble with a coworker, or fighting in a relationship, STOP. Take a step away. Ask yourself what is going on. Are you trying to prevent intimacy? Are you trying to act up to make someone else mad at you or abusive towards you?  Victims do this! Do NOT analyze who was right and who was wrong.  If you’ve been a victim, you always think you were right, and you were hurt because they are wrong, too demanding, expect too much, and you could never measure up.  This simply is not true. Remember, with your new empowerment consciousness, you’ve decided to give up that old pattern. So, the first step is to simply become aware of what happened. If you find yourself repeating the old pattern (I’m not good enough, you expect too much, nothing I do is good enough for you, you’re wrong, I’m right, or I’m a failure) STOP – and write this down. Write down what you feel caused the feelings within you.  Ask them to write down the feelings within them. Become aware.  Try not to point fingers and do not accept or lay blame. Simply become aware.

Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are YOURS. If you let the external world control the way you think and feel, you have submitted and surrendered yourself to the whims of forces that are beyond your immediate control.

Allow yourself to be as YOU are and do as YOU do. That’s not to say you should be complacent and continue doing things that are producing negative results. Rather, it’s about focusing on who you choose to be and recreating yourself as a manifestation of your positive self-image.

Here is a way to see the world without victimization: When someone’s words or actions offend you, you have a choice to observe and accept or to react. Until now, it may have been automatic to have an emotional reaction to someone else’s behavior. But from now on, stop and tell yourself: “This person is neither good nor bad.  I neither like them nor dislike them. They just are. They’re another human being doing the best they can. Given their mental programming and conditioning, their beliefs, their circumstances, their present needs and desires, I’d probably be doing pretty much as they are.”

Don’t be a victim!

Whose Fault Is It?

It’s not about blame; it’s about responsibility. It’s not about punishment;  it’s about recognizing cause and altering one’s causal thoughts, beliefs and actions. Nobody intentionally creates problems for themselves. Most people simply create their experiences by accident and by default. Instead, if you choose to do so, you can learn to consciously and intentionally create your own experiences.

Co-Creation: We must also consider the fact  that a great many of our actions/realities are brought about by the conscious or unconscious cooperation of others. Co-creations include everything from two people privately interacting, to the entire human collective consciousness. For example, the computer you are now using to read these words is a collective co-creation. It is the result of the cooperation and the work of literally hundreds of thousands of people.

Where co-creations are concerned, you cannot control the actions or creations of another.  You can, however, control your response to what you find yourself experiencing. And you can influence how and what others create.

Examples of Useful Affirmations:

I am bigger than I seem.”

“I am that I am and You are that which You are. I accept, honor, and respect you as you are. I honor, allow, support,  and respect your right to be who you are, do as you do, and have whatever you have.  I honor your right to live your life as you choose, to worship/believe in God, or not,  and as you choose. I honor those same rights in me and call for you to do likewise.”

“I honor the Golden Rule, “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.”   (or “Do onto others as they would be done onto.”). As long as you avoid violating others, violating the rights of others or destroying our collective  environment, I will honor your right to be, do, have, express, and experience whatever you choose.”

References/Sources: Teachings based on ‘A Course In Miracles’, ‘A Return To Love’, Marianne Williamson, ‘How to Break Free Of Victim-Consciousness”,  Janae B. Weinhold & Barry K. Weinhold, Lifecoach4vip.com, aspirenow.com, ‘Flight from Intimacy’, Janae B. Weinhold, Barry K. Weinhold, ‘Breaking Free of The Co-Dependency Trap’, Janae B. Weinhold, Barry K. Weinhold, etc.

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Information Overload and the Inner Tug-Of-War


We live at a time where the line between “fact” and “fiction” is becoming blurred. We now have more access to information that a mere decade ago, was concentrated in the hands of only a few people. Similarly, language, words and their meanings are becoming hollow as increased technological advancement bombards us with excessive amounts of information. This influx of information is resulting in the significant transformation of individuals, and society at large. Some see this influx serving as a tool to overcome the impeding “status quo” that have outlived their purpose, while others have reached the conclusion that there is a possibility that the human experience is getting to an inevitable end.

These times are rife with risk as well as opportunity. As more information is produced, processed and distributed, the global economy will depend more and more, on the dissemination of highly demanded information.  This may be seen as good news to truth seekers, and bad news for those who wish to clutch to the lies of the past centuries. Nonetheless, an intensifying clash between the old and new is brewing in all aspects of society, and is the true challenge of the 21st Century. A division created by a cyclical shift of energy is turning everything on its head in concert with the shift in the poles.

Imminent polar shift theory

As “east turns west”, “black becomes white” and “wrong becomes right”, the “weak get stronger” and the “last become the first”. These shifts have been documented in all sacred texts found all over the world like the Bible, Quran, Vedas, Torah, Egyptian sacred texts, and the Mayan sacred calendars.

There are many groups that are using technology to instill fear in order to control unguarded minds for their own benefit. To be truly at peace during these turbulent times, one can take the bold step of replacing fear with the acceptance of the unknown. The most powerful antidote to fear is the liberating knowledge that “what we resist, persists”.

Seeking an equilibrium

Fortunately, we have an innate ability to be still and accept things as they are, and to follow guidance that leads us to appropriate action. When we follow this inner guidance, we will realize that fear is caused by comparison, which is escalating polarized fear – right or wrong, true or false, good or evil, smart or foolish, etc. Fearful thinking hinders progressive thoughts, and thwarts the possibilities for a brighter future.

In the many spiritual teachings of the world, it is said that the greatest force of all is love. Love’s opposite is fear, for if one is not living in love, then one is living a fearful life filled with hate, anger, envy, insecurity, competition, pride, self-righteousness and selfishness.

It is important to be aware of the beliefs that we harbor when we engage in conflict. Anger’s stance is, “You are wrong and I am right. I am upset because your actions are depriving me of something.” If we allow others to push our buttons, we will find many reasons to defend ourselves. But if we choose to no longer look to others for comfort and self-worth, we may be willing to say, “I am going to look for a solution internally instead of trying to change someone else.”

There is not a human being on the planet that is responsible for another’s happiness, and nor should anyone want to be subject to the manipulation that comes with that kind of emotional enslavement. Rather, we can strive to first have peace and harmony within the “self” in order to have harmonious and loving relationships with others.

By turning inwards in prayer, or the stillness of meditation that taps into our abundant source of power and love, we find an endless supply of divine guidance that is not only free of fear, but also filled with never-ending peace and understanding. We will suddenly realize that we are not lacking in anything, and that competition for resources is a fear-filled illusion that only leads to a vicious cycle of imbalance, and ultimately to war.

Spiritual processes involve the fusion and synergy of all aspects of our bodies: mental, emotional, and physical. When we try to resolve aspects of our lives using one process at a time, say, mental only, we become imbalanced and blindly search for solutions with frustrations, like fumbling for the light switch in a dark room. But when we use all components of the process synergistically, we attain spiritual balance and harmony even amidst chaos.

All we have to do is…‘be still’…and know…

Miriam Lulu Chemmoss   © 2010

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Beyond The Rat Race

The Rat-Race

“Whenever people become empty, they become very hurried and go on finding more ways to gain more speed. They are continuously on the run because they think that life is running out. These people usually say, “Time is money.”

Is time money? Money is very limited; time is unlimited. Time is not money, time is eternity–it has always been there and will always be there. And YOU have always been here and you will always be here. “- Osho

What happens when we become impatient about anything? We obviously miss a lot of things along the way. We start to believe that whatever we are seeking is limited and that there are not enough resources available, therefore we must compete..race against everything and everyone. This is the reality for a lot of people, especially those who call themselves, ‘go-getters’. This is all well and good. However, in this day and age, has this attitude of ‘racing against time’ to ‘grab our share’, brought about any tangible fulfillment to anyone? Everywhere I look, it seems to me that the more success and wealth people achieve, the emptier they feel. Why is this so?

True fulfillment can only be found  when we are in tune with our own divinity and with the Universe around us. When we lose this connection to the inner self and oneness with nature, we become empty, lost and utterly miserable.

Out of this emptiness comes an endless void; an insatiable greed. We attempt to fill the void with superficial means-anything, be it money, houses, expensive clothes, cars, furniture, friends, lovers–because it is impossible to walk around with this emptiness. It simply becomes horrifying to face ourselves in the mirror to address the underlying cause of this void.

Inner Reflection

However, we can never run away from ourselves for too long. Life will always present opportunities for us to stop and reflect and to change the course of our lives.

To find fulfillment and what many people call happiness,  there are always two choices; to either get in tune with our inner universe through some soul-searching during which we surprisingly find a never-ending treasure, just like the physical universe…or we may opt to find temporary relief by filling our void with material things in life. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having beautiful things- material or not. It is to what extent that we rely on these things for our happiness, that I’m speaking of.

If we journey within ourselves, we will be pleasantly surprised to find untold wisdom, beauty, bliss and ease which seems to surpass that of the physical world around us. We begin to see life from a very different perspective;  easily connecting the dots with everything outside of ourselves. (As within, so without). Turning inwards is the path that leads to our very own limitless power and security. However, if we don’t do this–and millions of people are NOT turning inward today–then the easiest way is to find temporary relief either with the mundane or material world . The consequent feeling of deep emptiness can turn into an unconscious longing and even addiction for things that can never fully satisfy one’s soul.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings seeking spiritual experiences. Once we understand this, we automatically turn inward and discover inside of ourselves, a hidden treasure of empowerment and vast wonder. All at once, all fear and any sense of helplessness disappears. We become liberated, renewed and wholesome again.

Know Thyself

On the other hand if we remain empty, the other result is we turn into hoarders- we end up buying things that we don’t need and never use at all. Another common habit is emotional eating- irregularly, even when we are not feeling hungry. Drugs, alcohol and stimulants are also common fillers. We may even be aware of the impulse to fill the void and recognize that it is causing us much suffering physically, but we may not have enough willpower to stop it. This is all as a result of the void/disconnection with the divine aspects of ourselves and with our surroundings. This is the endless search for comfort to stop/numb this ‘heartache’ that most people walk around with- despite accumulation of wealth, relationships and accomplishments.

It will do us tremendous good if we stop to reflect and understand this emptiness by asking ourselves the questions, “Why am I empty? If all existence and the physical world is so full, why am I empty? Perhaps I have lost track—am I growing and advancing on my path or am I moving in the opposite direction? Is this the kind of life that I want for the rest of my life? Am I living my life or merely pretending to keep up with the Joneses?”

Journey within

There’s only one way to permanently fill this void and that is by taking the journey within. By letting go of the superficial, and moving closer to the divine, in silence and peace, in prayer or in meditation, we find that we are not empty….but filled with riches beyond anything we have imagined. As we make it a habit to seek the inner world, we find that we are overflowing–with joy, bliss, grace and blessings. In fact, we’ll have so much of it that we can even give it to the whole world and yet it will never be exhausted.

If we allow ourselves to do this, for the first time, we will not feel the need for temporary relief via anything superficial -money, food and all material things that previously defined our happiness.

Instead, we will automatically feel the urgency to live naturally, with ease, truth and simplicity. We will also find out that whatever we need, is attainable because we finally understand that abundance is our birthright and that we are never really lacking anything. Lack is a trick of the ego…far removed from its divinity, relying on its own false sense of strength and separation from the whole.

The longing of the ego is to be ‘extraordinary’. Most of us achieve this dream of becoming ‘extraordinary’ by acquiring wealth, becoming famous, while others may achieve this dream through power, politics and talent/skills etc. However, the dream remains the same: “I cannot tolerate being a nobody.”

Everybody wants to be 'somebody' but 'nobody' wants to be 'anybody'

The human ego thirsts and hungers for the recognition that ‘we are somebody’ -forgetting that one day death will take it all away- including our personality, achievements, fame and material assets. Everybody is afraid of being a nobody. The biggest challenge in life is–accepting one’s ‘nobodiness’. Those who are wise allow these things to drop by themselves. Nothing will be left for death to take away. All fear will naturally vanish, as you won’t have anything for death to take away from you. Death cannot kill a nobody.

Once we experience our ‘nobodiness’ we become immortal. The experience of nobodiness is the meaning of what  Eastern Teachings call nirvana; or nothingness, or absolute undisturbed silence, where there is no ego, no personality, no hypocrisy–just this silence… all we hear are the insects, the birds chirping away, the crickets…the wind…

We are here in a way, yet still, we are not…

We are here because of the old association with the body, but if we look within,  we are not here…

This is the insight, when there is pure silence and pure ‘contentment’, in our reality, which nothing, including death, can ever destroy. This is our eternity; our immortality.

He who dies with the most toys...still dies!

There is nothing to fear. There is nothing to lose and if you think anything is lost–your name, your respectability, and your fame–they do not match up to this priceless power of silence that comes with connection to one’s divinity. You begin to realize that your ‘somebodiness’ is so small. The more you are a somebody, the smaller you are; the more you are a nobody, the bigger you become.

When we become absolutely ‘nobody’, in silence, we are at once, one with the divine and existence itself.

Only very rare and extraordinary people are not afraid of being nobody — Gautam Buddha.

References/Sources: Osho

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